What we do?


Supertec Foundation is Advisors and Consultants to NGO’s, our way of giving back to the world in a more organized way.


To help organize, share, and collaborate other not for profit organizations of the world.
To teach them better technology enabled ways that empowers them to be more productive.


Super Technologies Foundation is a team of dedicated and well qualified people providing world class services for Ngo’s with ease and simplicity. While conducting seminars in different places and cities in Pakistan for Ngo’s, we observed that though Ngo’s are passionate in serving people. Presently it is performing as a ‘Think Tank’ for its NGO partners; Govt. and Non Govt. agencies & corporate sector, by generating all potential solutions for their expansion and establishment. Apart from supporting these agencies, it has always been concerned for the community by acting as ‘Knowledge Repository’ for their Upliftment, Youth Mobilization, Urbanization, Gender Mainstreaming, Reducing Rural Migration, Women Empowerment, Population Stabilization, Promoting child education.