Rehan Foundation – Introduction

Poverty, Disparity, Malnutrition, Health Problems, Lack of opportunities, Lack of Jobs

These are the problems we saw all around us, and we wanted to take an action to solve them, as God helps only who want to help themselves. We started ventures that will help to reduce these problems from the planet.

For Education we created Rehan School, Empowering 2 billion people who struggle to even read their own name in any language.

Then we created Rehan University with the goal to allow people to learn from anywhere from the best minds of the world.

Then we made Rehan Training – Giving people skills to learn again from the convenience of there internet connection.

For Health We created Rehan Health to create awareness videos on how things effect to humans, and how we can reduce these effects.

For opportunities, we are working on creating 100 open source Business models, that people can take Franchise of in just 100$ and make the minimum of 300$ a month.

We want everyone in the world, to be able to have an opportunity to make enough money for themselves and their family, to not be desperate to look for sources that are harmful to other human beings.

We are Rehan Foundation – Empowering Humanity